Top-Notch Dog Boarding and Daycare Services in Gainesville, Florida

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Looking for top-notch dog boarding and daycare in Gainesville? Fortunately, Gainesville offers several excellent boarding facilities catering to pups with amenities like bone-shaped pools, pet spas, ample indoor play spaces, and more.

Finding quality dog boarding while traveling can be a top concern for pet parents. So, here are 7 highly-rated facilities that cater to your furry friend’s needs.

1. Pet Paradise Gainesville


Address: 19518 W Newberry Rd, Newberry, FL 32669

Pet Paradise leads the pack when it comes to all-in-one dog boarding in Gainesville. This premier facility excels at pampering pups with boarding, daycare, grooming, and veterinary services conveniently under one roof. Dogs can make a splash zipping down the resort’s signature bone-shaped pool – the largest among Pet Paradise locations. Four-legged guests relax in the resort’s climate-controlled suites while pet parents receive real-time photo updates of all the fun.

  • One-stop shop for pet boarding, grooming, day camp, and veterinary care services
  • Air-conditioned suites, expert grooming, and shady play areas
  • Bone-shaped pool, the largest in the Pet Paradise group
  • Furever Loyal Rewards Program

2. Town & Country Veterinarians Pet Resort & Spa


Address: 6980 SW Archer Road, Gainesville, FL 32608

Town & Country Veterinarians provide a taste of luxury with specialized treatment ranging from massage therapy to gourmet ice cream. As a high-end dog boarding Gainesville establishment, Town & Country houses pups in renowned luxury suites. There, caring staff interact with four-legged guests daily, providing walks, playtime, and specialized spa treatments. Owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their pet is comfortable and entertained in this resort-like setting.

  • Luxury pet resort with renowned dog and cat suites
  • Treats including gourmet ice cream, massages, medicated baths, and grooming
  • Caring staff with daily interaction and socializing
  • Personalized text and picture updates on your pet’s stay

3. Dogs Rule


Address: 230 Northeast 16th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609

In addition to boarding, Dogs Rule also offers daycare, training, grooming, and rescue services tailored for pups. Their large indoor and outdoor play spaces keep dogs active and engaged with ample opportunities for socialization. As a top dog boarding Gainesville facility, Dogs Rule’s experienced staff provide attentive, customized care based on each dog’s unique needs and personality. 

  • Offers boarding, grooming, daycare, training, and rescue services
  • Focus on playtime and socialization during sleepovers and daycare
  • Large indoor and outdoor play areas
  • Highly rated by customers

4. Jazz’s Wonderland


Address: 4122 NW 128th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32606

Jazz’s Wonderland emphasizes creating a welcoming, home-like environment for four-legged boarders. After an initial trial day allowing pups to become acquainted, Jazz’s Wonderland gives dogs ample playtime while keeping pet parents updated with text messages and photos. This trusted local establishment ensures proper socialization and safety during every dog’s boarding stay.

  • Exceptional doggie daycare and boarding services
  • Safe and welcoming home away from home for your pup
  • Trial day to ensure dogs socialize well with others
  • Personalized text and picture updates on your pet’s stay

5. Vacation Station Pet Resort


Address: 578 SE Brawley Ter, High Springs, FL 32643

This sprawling 20-acre resort adjacent to O’Leno State Park provides a peaceful natural setting for dog boarding. Clean and comfortable climate-controlled suites paired with 24/7 veterinary access give pet parents confidence during their dog’s stay. As a premier dog boarding Gainesville facility, Vacation Station Pet Resort offers a relaxing respite for pets to unwind and play.

  • One-stop location for dog boarding, daycare, and bathing services
  • Situated on 20 fenced acres adjacent to O’Leno State Park
  • Emphasis on a quiet, clean, and naturally comfortable atmosphere
  • 24/7 emergency veterinarian capabilities for comprehensive care

6. Sweet Paws Bakery


Address: 5330 SW 91st Terr, Gainesville, FL 32608

For weekday dog boarding needs, Sweet Paws Bakery offers vibrant supervised playgroups while pet parents are at work. This established Gainesville pet bakery focuses care on safety, fun, and socialization for their daytime four-legged clients. Sweet Paws Bakery earns high marks for its personalized caring approach.

  • Provides a safe, fun, and stimulating social environment during weekday business hours
  • Focuses on dog daycare with an emphasis on playtime and socialization
  • Highly rated by customers for its services
  • Offers additional amenities including grooming and access to pet supplie


For Gainesville’s beloved canine residents, top-tier facilities offer boarding and daycare havens catering to both energetic pups and pampered pooches. The sprawling Pet Paradise resort features splashy bone-shaped pools for water lovers, with premium suites for relaxing and veterinary care for total convenience. Those seeking luxury will relish Town & Country’s scenic trails and pet spa treatments like rejuvenating massages and sweet facials.

Super social pups stay stimulated with all-day play at Dogs Rule’s indoor playground and outdoor park, complete with enriching games and cuddle sessions. Jazz’s Wonderland emphasizes a welcoming, home-like environment for more reserved dogs needing gentle interaction and quiet affection.

All around, Gainesville pet parents discover services prioritizing enjoyment, safety, and TLC for their fur kids. Embark on-site tours together to uncover the right personality match, whether that’s action-packed play or plush king-size beds. With diverse options and caring staff, find the perfect retreat to keep your beloved companion content while you are away.

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