Top 5 Dog Wellness Trends Rocking Gainesville, FL in 2024

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Are you a dog owner in Gainesville, Florida? Do you want the best for your furry friend? We have researched to find the top 5 dog wellness trends in Gainesville for 2024. 

From better nutrition to fitness and mental health, you’ll find ways to improve your pup’s overall well-being. You’ll also discover great local businesses that can help your dog enjoy these trends. 

Get ready to learn about the cool new dog wellness trends shaking up Gainesville, Florida!


5 Current Wellness Trends For Your Dog In Gainesville

There are lots of cool new dog wellness trends becoming popular in Gainesville, Florida. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top trends that are shaking things up!


CBD for Dogs

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural substance that comes from the cannabis plant. It can help dogs with all kinds of health issues like pain, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. However, CBD products made for pets don’t have many rules and guidelines. Some products may contain germs or have the wrong amounts of CBD. So pet owners need to be careful and only buy CBD from companies they trust. You should also talk to your vet before giving CBD to your dog.


It can:

  • Reduce pain and swelling from arthritis, injuries, or joint problems 
  • Lower anxiety and stress caused by things like being alone, loud noises, or going to the vet
  • Control seizures and epilepsy in dogs that don’t get better with regular medications  
  • Increase appetite and prevent nausea or vomiting for dogs with tummy troubles or cancer


  • Loose stool or diarrhea  
  • Dry mouth feeling
  • Sleepiness or tiredness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Can also interact with other medications your dog takes


Medicinal Mushrooms

People have used certain types of mushrooms as a natural medicine for a very long time. Mushrooms like reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail are known for their health benefits. Some dog owners now give their pups supplements or foods with medicinal mushrooms to help them stay healthy and strong.


  • Support the immune system to fight off infections, allergies and cancer
  • Lessen inflammation and pain  
  • Lower high cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure
  • Aid digestion and boost appetite
  • Improve mood, memory, and energy levels

More research still needs to be done on how effective medicinal mushrooms are for pups. But they seem very promising! Always check with your vet first though, as some dogs may have bad reactions or interactions with other meds. Finding good quality and safe mushroom products is important too.


Plant-Based Diets

More and more pet owners are choosing plant-based diets for themselves and their animal companions. This could be for ethical reasons, to help the environment, or for their own and their pet’s health. Plant-based diets for dogs can provide proper nutrition, as long as all the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals are included. 


  • Avoiding food allergies or sensitivities to animal products  
  • Improving digestion and preventing tummy troubles
  • Lowering risks for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer
  • Being more sustainable and eco-friendly than meat-based foods



  • Lacking in certain nutrients if not properly balanced
  • Causing an upset stomach if your dog has trouble digesting some plant ingredients  
  • Being more expensive and less convenient than regular dog food
  • Not appealing in taste or smell to some meat-loving pups


Doggy Daycare and Socialization 

Doggy daycares are super fun! They allow dogs to safely play, exercise, and learn in a supervised setting with other pups. This awesome enrichment burns off lots of energetic wiggles which can:

– Improve your dog’s physical and mental health

– Prevent boredom behaviors at home like chewing or barking  

– Build confidence and social skills around humans and other dogs

Socialization is extremely important for a dog’s emotional well-being. Interacting in a socialization group or doggy daycare develops better communication, manners, and positive behaviors. 


  • Relief for busy owners who can’t provide enough attention 
  • A structured environment for healthy play and exercise
  • Reducing stress, fear, and behavioral issues  
  • Learning positive training to become a good canine citizen


  • Increased chances of illness from all the shared germs and contact
  • The activity level can also be overwhelming for more timid or less social dogs
  • Costs for doggy daycare add up too with enrollment fees, transportation, and extra services like grooming.


Holistic Veterinary Care

Holistic vets have a “whole body” approach to caring for your dog. Instead of just treating symptoms, they use many types of natural therapies together with regular medicine to support overall health and wellness. Some of the natural therapies used include:

  • Acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, or massage for pain   
  • Herbal medicines, homeopathy, laser therapy   
  • Nutritional counseling with diet changes and supplements


  • More treatment options for chronic or difficult health conditions   
  • Ways to complement regular drugs to make them more effective with less side effects
  • Focus on improving the immune system, digestion, behavior, etc.


  • Higher costs and less availability
  • There isn’t as much regulation on some of the natural therapies compared to regular medicine 
  • You have to be careful to find experienced holistic vets using proven techniques
  • May not work for all dogs and health situations 
  • It is better suited for long-term, chronic conditions rather than emergencies


3 Local Wellness Businesses in Gainesville, Fl

Newberry Animal Holistic & Wellness 

Located at 3909 NW 97th Blvd, Suite B, Gainesville, FL, 32606, they provide holistic care for pets in Gainesville, Florida. They use primarily an Eastern medicine protocol; this approach is becoming more ‘mainstream’ to prevent sickness through preventative care. Holistic pet services can include options not always available at traditional animal hospitals, such as acupuncture or herbal supplements.

Earth Pets Natural Pet Market Gainesville 

Located at 500 NW 60th St, STE F, Gainesville, FL, 32607, in addition to holistic natural care, this pet store offers CBD oil, CBD treats, plant-based foods, and mushroom supplements for dogs. They also provide local delivery, nutritional counseling, and local pet adoptions.

Dogtopia Gainesville

A cage-free dog daycare and boarding facility with indoor and outdoor play areas, webcams, and trained staff. They also offer grooming and training services.


Exciting new dog wellness trends are taking over Gainesville, Florida! CBD from cannabis can help with pain, anxiety, and other issues. Medicinal mushrooms boost the immune system and health. Plant-based diets avoid allergies and are better for the planet. Doggy daycare provides play, exercise, and socialization. Holistic vets use natural therapies together with regular medicine. 

All these trends offer innovative ways to keep dogs happy and thriving. However, dog owners should do their research thoroughly. Always consult the vet before trying something new to make sure it’s the right fit for each pup. With some guidance, these cutting-edge wellness trends can give Gainesville dogs the coolest care around!


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